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Raindance Film Festival 2021
Shorts Programme: Maverick Senses

Uzo Oleh
October 28

When things go sour with Jason’s most powerful client, he knows his life is on the line. He receives a visit from his intuition, a man with his exact likeness, who claims to have the answers to save him. All Jason has to do is trust him… but can he?

Hey Uzo, it's great to talk with you, how have you been keeping during these strange times?  


It’s been an interesting one. Like so many people it’s a great opportunity for introspection. To slow down a little bit. Evaluate and appreciate things.  I’ve spent the last year in the Canary Islands  which has allowed me the opportunity to surf every day! Didn’t stop me from getting a little chubby though…Tortilla. 

Has this time offered you the chance to find some new inspiration or opportunities?

Absolutely, the ever changing perspective for the last 18 Months  has allowed/forced me to be creative in many different ways. Even fixing some of the production “problems” was inspiring and a reminder that in order to make things, whether their creative, spiritual of practical you really need grit and resilience.

In 2015 your short film DAN? Won the Shortlist Short award at Raindance, what was it like for you as an emerging filmmaker to get this type of recognition for your film?


It was unbelievable! Being able to meet other filmmakers for the first time as a filmmaker, really interesting.  Cinema has long  been a great love of mine and I respect the craft so much that it was wonderful to have my work recognise by such a respected and established festival. 

Congratulations on being back at Raindance 2021 with EDICIUS, what does it mean to you to be at the festival?


Honestly it feels  just incredible. Full circle! We also have the honour of being screened  at the Regent Street cinema which is the U.K.’s oldest cinema...Played the Lumiere brothers first films! Don’t get me started. 

Can you tell me a little bit about EDICIUS, what inspired your screenplay?


The concept came about from imagining what it would be like to meet that voice in your head. To sit down and have a conversation with a personified version of our instinct or intuition. Who is the “person” we  debate with when we’re trying to make decisions?


What were the biggest challenges you faced bringing EDICIUS to life?


Ooohh no surprise… Covid…  we shot the  first half of the film nine months before the second half!  Our lead actor Michael lost 3kg of weight and we wondered if he would look like the same character.  It also meant that we were now prepping a night shoot at the height of summer which meant we didn’t have many hours of the night time at all.

Where did your passion for filmmaking come from?

I’m guessing personality in general? I absolutely love making things, whether it’s building a studio, campervan or a motorcycle. I love the idea of  nudging things into existence. My background in photography has allowed me to make art quite rapidly. Film making is kind of similar but takes so much longer and you work with so many more people. I’m really enjoying collaborating so much that it’s fuelling my passion quite easily 

How much has your approach to your films changed since your debut short?


I think approaching storytelling with a deeper understanding of craft. Also I’m 100% confident that nothing is too ambitious if you have the right support. Whether that is the crew, financiers or your state of mind. 

"If that resonates then it can get you a great team, financial support, fantastic cast."

Do you have any advice or tips you would offer fellow directors?


Interesting…  fellow directors?… I’d remind us that the script is the document that inspires everything. A story worth telling…If that resonates then it can get you a great team, financial support, fantastic cast. If it’s undeniable then it’s literally just a matter of time and will before you get to watch it on a screen. 

And finally, what do you hope people will take away from EDICIUS?


I really hope that people get to connect to Jason's story as we do the same thing in our own lives every single day (just not as extreme ) I also hope that people take away a really memorable and cinematic experience. 

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