Stefania Bodescu
Crispy Love-Line

Crispy Love-Line screens as part of the BFI Future Film Festival from 18-21 February, free on BFI Player

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Chris, a young crisp-enthusiast, leaves an online complaint. He is delighted by the friendly and understanding attitude of the employee who replies to him. Wishing to talk to her again, he continues to message the page, asking questions and trying to win the compassion of his new online-crush. The quest is not easy, as the uninterested employee just tries to do her job, avoiding any topic besides crisps.

Thank you for talking to The New Current, how have you been holding up during these very strange times?

Thank you for inviting me to talk! Not being able to attend university in person is a struggle, but calling my friends and family has been keeping my morale up!

Has this time offered you any new creative inspiration?

During summer, I worked on another animated 1 minute film, “The Faces”, which I think slightly brushes over the feeling of loneliness during isolation.  But more than that, working on projects has helped to distract me from some of the gloomier parts of life right now. 

Congratulations on having Crispy Love-Line selected for the BFI Future Film Festival, what does it mean to you to be part of Broken Hearts section?

I'm very grateful for being selected, and I can't wait to attend the festival online, and watch all the other films!

Can you tell me a little bit about Crispy Love-Line? How did this film come about?

It was inspired by a memory I have from high school, when I saw an acquaintance of mine comment on a Facebook post of a brand. As the brand replied to him, they made a small conversation, and it shocked me to see how this person I knew switched from customer to friend almost instantly. Just like the brand was some sort of superstar.  I just took this scenario a step further, and imagined this funny, yet sad character. 

What where the biggest challenges you faced brining this film to life?

To address the elephant in the room, the pandemic obviously influenced the production of this film. It is also the first film I directed, so grasping this new experience while in lockdown was certainly something unique, regardless of how much support we received from our staff at Falmouth University. I was extremely fortunate to have Dimana Bratanova as a hard-working producer, alongside our amazingly talented crew. Without this dedication, we would have not finished the film, and I am so grateful that we did, and that it is so well received!  

Looking back is there anything you would have done differently on this film?

As I am still new to filmmaking and directing, there are a lot of things I would have done differently, both technically and stylistically. But my belief is that art is all about change, and noticing the mistakes you did in the past is a sign of growth. That being said, Crispy Love-Line is still a fun project very dear to my heart, and I am very emotionally attached to it.

What has been the most valuable lesson you have taken away from making Crispy Love-Line?

It's hard to pick, because there are so many things I learned while making this film. I think having a clear visual style and being able to communicate this style with your crew is the main lesson I'll take home.

Have you always had a passion for filmmaking?

I always had a passion for art-making. Film only came into my radar from when I was about 16, and I've only grown more curious of it since.

What has been some of the best advice you’ve been give?

One of our teachers advised us to listen to all ideas, but stick to the ones that resonate with us at the end of the day. It seems obvious, but when so many people interpret what you are doing differently, it is easy to forget to be honest to your own interpretation. “Making the right call” is always difficult.  

"As stressful as creating a film can be, try to make decisions on a clear, rested mind..."

Should filmmakers continue to push the boundaries of the films and stories they want to tell?

Hard yes. That's definitely what I want to do, at least.

Do you have any tips or advice you would offer a fellow filmmaker?

As stressful as creating a film can be, try to make decisions on a clear, rested mind, and don't let the pressure get the better of you. Be considerate to your peers and to yourself.

What do you hope people will take away from Crispy Love-Line?

Our emotions can be very easily marketable. Also, crisps in bikinis are objectively funny.

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