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"I must admit, there's a mix of nerves and excitement as we prepare for our three-week run at the Edinburgh Fringe."

Deaon Griffin-Pressley
Satan VS God vs God
2-27, August 2023 (not 14) at 19:45 (0hr55)
Aug 3, 2023

Lucifer, fallen angel, begs God’s forgiveness. Are Satan and God within the eyes and deeds of humankind? Is Satan responsible for all he is accused of? Have we heard him testify? This solo tour-de-force opens a conversation about religion with music and movement and explores issues of religion, faith and humanity that are normally taboo and or censored. 


Hi Deaon, how does it feel to be heading to Edinburgh Fringe with your show Satan Vs God at C Venues this August?


I am absolutely thrilled to be bringing Satan Vs God to the Edinburgh Fringe this summer! After the pandemic postponed our live performances, we are finally on our way to showcase this incredible production at C Venues. I'm immensely grateful to Hartley TA Kemp with C ARTS for giving us this opportunity.


In 2021, you won the Derek Award for Spirit of the Fringe. What did it mean to you to get this type of recognition for your work?


Winning the Derek Award for Spirit of the Fringe was an incredible surprise, especially because it was for a digital show. It felt like receiving a Tony award all the way from Scotland to South Florida! This recognition reinforced our belief in the power of our work and motivated us to bring the show to the Edinburgh Fringe.


Are there any nerves ahead of your Edinburgh Fringe run?


I must admit, there's a mix of nerves and excitement as we prepare for our three-week run at the Edinburgh Fringe. It's the first time I'll be performing this show or any of my work consistently for such a long duration. However, revisiting the text and hearing the lines has ignited my excitement, and I can't wait to take on the role of Lucifer, promoting the show during the day and transforming into the fallen Angel on stage at night.


Can you tell me a little bit about how Satan Vs God came about? Did you have any apprehensions about creating a show with such a powerful and strong religious theme?


Satan Vs God is born out of personal experiences, exploring the metaphorical dynamics within relationships and the spiritual aspects of humanity. It's about examining the balance between good and evil within ourselves. As an artist, I am drawn to intense, complex, and provocative themes, and Satan Vs God perfectly aligns with my artistic sensibilities.


During your research for Satan Vs God, what were some of the more surprising facts you discovered about our understanding of Satan and his role within religion?


While growing up Christian, I came across some fascinating revelations during my research for Satan Vs God. One surprising fact was that Satan, known as Lucifer, was depicted as a beautiful angel before his fall. Additionally, I learned that the angels worshiped God through Lucifer. These discoveries added depth and nuance to the character and his role within religious narratives.

"Surround yourself with like-minded individuals who inspire and challenge you."

Would you say he’s been given a bad rap?


Absolutely. Satan has been unjustly portrayed and misunderstood by many. Often, people project their own fears and refuse to acknowledge their own darker sides onto Satan. They imagine him as a malevolent figure with horns and a pitchfork, while neglecting to see that we all possess both light and shadow within ourselves. In this production, we aim to challenge the audience to reflect on their own humanity and recognize the presence of both God and Satan within.


I also noticed that the show is called Satan Vs God as opposed to God Vs Satan (the good usually always comes before the bad). Was this intentional?


The decision to name the show Satan Vs God instead of God Vs Satan was quite intentional. Satan is constantly presenting a challenge and provoking God, seeking a second chance. By placing Satan's name first, we emphasize this eternal conflict and the continuous pursuit of redemption. It's a dynamic that drives the narrative and highlights the complexities of the characters.


What are the biggest challenges you face creating Satan Vs God?


One of the biggest challenges we face with Satan Vs God is inviting people from diverse religious backgrounds and belief systems to embrace the artistic presentation without hesitation. Our aim is to create a thought-provoking and immersive experience that encourages introspection and sparks conversations about the human condition.


What has been the most valuable lesson you’ve taken away from creating and performing this show?


While I'm still exploring the lessons that Satan Vs God has taught me, I anticipate that the Edinburgh Fringe will provide invaluable experiences and insights. However, one valuable lesson I've already gained is the importance of examining ourselves honestly and taking a long look in the mirror. This show challenges us to confront our own strengths, weaknesses, and the delicate balance between good and evil within us.


Once a show is running, are you able to give yourself much flexibility with your material, or do you prefer to stick to your text?


As an artist, I value the importance of staying true to the text and delivering a consistent performance. However, I also recognize the need for organic moments and small adaptations that keep the performance fresh and spontaneous. While I strive for a dead letter perfect delivery, I appreciate the subtle flexibility that allows us to explore new nuances within the show.


Do you have any advice, tips, or suggestions you would offer anyone thinking about getting into theatre?


My advice to anyone considering a career in theatre is to embrace your true self and let go of any pretenses. Be bold, take risks, and trust your creative instincts. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals who inspire and challenge you. Most importantly, believe in your own potential and never be afraid to showcase your unique voice on stage. Theatre is a powerful medium that allows us to express the deepest aspects of humanity, so don't hold back!


Finally, what do you want your fringe audiences to take away from Satan Vs God?


Our ultimate goal with Satan Vs God is to create a performance that leaves a lasting impact on the audience. We want them to take a long, introspective look in the mirror and question their own understanding of good and evil, of God and Satan. We hope to spark conversations, challenge preconceived notions, and encourage self-reflection. It's an invitation to delve deeper into our own humanity and embrace the complexities that make us who we are.

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