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Short Film Corner 2022 

Ryan Kelly
May 24, 2022

Going on a quest when you lose your quest partner.


Hello Ryan, it’s great to get to talk with you, how have you been keeping after everything that’s been happening?


It has been tough for sure. As an independent film maker the last couple years have been hard to make movies.


Have you been able to remain positive and creative at least?


We snuck in a few things here and there to stay creative. Lots of photography got me through the no filming period.


Sunken Holiday won several awards at the 2021 Four Points Film Project, did you imagine your short film would get such an amazing response?


No! We have done several of these 48 Hour type films and you just never know how your film is going stack up. I knew Beth Gallagher the lead actress would be in the mix for sure. She is crazy talented and really shines in this one. The Best Film award was a total shock though.


How vital are platforms like Cannes SFC in championing and supporting the short film format?


It is so important as indy film makers to have the experience that these festivals can give us. Sharing your work and especially seeing it projected in a theatre are such motivating moments in a (hopefully) growing career.

What does it mean for you to be in the Cannes Short Film Corner with Sunken Holiday and what do you hope to take away from this experience?


I am truly honoured, and amazed still, that our little film we put together in 48 hours (this was a 72 hour contest but we didn’t have anyone available the whole first day) will be screening at Cannes. The best reward for me is that my two talented lead actors will be attending and representing us. I feel like this is such a great opportunity for them to further their career.


What has been the most valuable lesson you’ve taken from making Sunken Holiday?


I am constantly reminded every time we do a film that the people you surround yourself with are the most important aspect of making movies.


As a filmmaker how important is it for you to be flexible with your film projects once you start shooting?


At this level it is especially important. It’s easy to get tunnel vision as a writer/director and want to completely steer the ship alone. I always try to remember that everyone with me is a collaborator on the film. Most of the time my cast and crew has WAY better ideas than I do. When you stay flexible and open to everything, that’s when a lot of the magic happens.


Where did your passion for filmmaking come from?


I have loved movies for as long as I can remember. I think the early memories for me are Raiders of the Lost Ark  and Empire Strikes Back. I think those films of that time really left an impression on me. I just wished I had gotten not making them sooner.

Has your approach and style to your films changed much since your debut short?


Haha. Well my first couple of shorts just had my friends in them. Once I got a bit more serious I started to meet actors and other film makers. Thats when it started to get really fun.


How much has your background as a cinematographer help you in how your directed Sunken Holiday?


With the 48 style projects I feel being the director and cinematographer (and editor) is really and advantage. I can see it in my head and shoot for the edit. Too many moving parts makes completing these in 48-72 hours really tough.

What are some of your top tips or advice you would offer any aspiring cinematographer or director?


Probably the same old cliche….GO MAKE MOVIES. Still telling myself this one too

"Weather happens, cameras break, locations change…its all part of the process…just be ready to roll with it and usually something better presents itself."

s it hard not to be discouraged when something doesn’t plan out the way you hoped?


Oh yes. But you have to realize that on EVERY production things don’t always go as planned. Weather happens, cameras break, locations change…its all part of the process…just be ready to roll with it and usually something better presents itself.


And finally, what would you like audiences to take away from Sunken Holiday?


Just that with the right group of people, a short amount of time and a big dose of passion, you can make a film from scratch…and even make it to Cannes.

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