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PJ O'Rourke
New York

World-renowned street artist Ben Eine is set to reveal a 17,500 square metre painting in London this Thursday in collaboration with Zippo- his largest and most challenging project to date.


Hi PJ, thanks for talking to The New Current, how has this time offered you any new creative opportunities? 


Only ones I have made for myself!


You latest NYC mural was featured in one of Cash Jordan's vlogs, what was the first thing that went through your head when you saw it? 


It was cool! Love his content!


Is this the first time you've spotted your work on such a popular YouTube Channel? 


I believe so!


Can you tell me a little bit more about this piece, what was the inspiration behind it? 


New York subway system saved my life. I was able to use it as a platform (no pun intended) and grow my audience. 


This mural, like so much of Street Art, are sometimes tucked away and hidden, does it bother you that some pieces you create are hidden and might not get as big a public reaction as other more accessible pieces? 


Not at all. I think it makes it more special.


"I went from aliens and monsters to political cartoons."

Is it ever hard to let go of a piece and hand it over to the public? 


Not at all. Love sharing!


How much has NYC helped you and the art you create and what makes the city so inspiring? 


It has made the difference in my life. Access and culture inspires me everyday. 


Have you always had a passion for art and do you remember the first piece you created? 


Yes. No, but I do remember the first pieces I created. Monsters and aliens and bugs as a toddler. 


What has it meant to you to have your own pop up show, has it been a challenge opening up just as pandemic restrictions are lifting? 


Not at all. It’s been great!


Has your approach and the style of your art changed much since you started? 


I went from aliens and monsters to political cartoons. Not much difference at this point. 


How best would you describe your work? 


Pop culture takes and world play. Humour almost always involved. 


And finally, what do you want people to take away from the art you are creating? 


Inspiration and laughs!

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