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British Shorts Berlin 2019
Philip Hardy
Moose Limbs* & Who's That at the Back of the Bus**

Festival Screening / Midnight Movies (only for 18s and older)**

Horror / Mystery / Animation / SciFi / Black Comedy / Music Video

Fri 18.1. 23:00 / Sputnik Kino 1*

Sat 19.1. 00:00 / Sputnik Kino 1** ​

MOOSE LIMBS: In a rural English village plagued by rats, an other-worldly new doctor arrives for his first day at work & WHO’S THAT AT THE BACK OF THE BUS? Alone on the top deck of the night-bus, an old lady is haunted by an unlikely apparition. 

Any nerves ahead of the festival?

Not really. Both films have played really well to previous audiences, so I look forward to seeing the reactions now as there’s a few jumps, jokes and tense parts in each film. The only nerves I do get are about there being some unanticipated technical hitch with the projection but I’m sure it’ll be fine. 


How does it feel to have your films at the festival? 

Great. Neither film has played in Germany before so it’ll be interesting to see how audiences react, particularly to MOOSE LIMBS, which broadly and bluntly references the rise of Islamaphobia in Britain. It’ll be interesting to see how that chimes with German audience members. 


Tell me a little bit about your films how did they film come about? 

MOOSE LIMBS is a story about a half-man, half-deer who moves to a rural English town and has a gruesome time with the locals. It came about after I had a really disgusting and cinematic dream one night, which I was then able to flesh out with some previous ideas I had had. 


WHO’S THAT AT THE BACK OF THE BUS? is about an old lady being haunted by an unlikely demon whilst travelling alone on the night-bus. It is actually a ‘proof-of-concept' film. I want to make a feature starring the ‘unlikely demon.' This short was a way to prove that it can be scary. It’s not what you’ll be expecting at all!


What was the biggest challenge you faced bringing these films to life?

For MOOSE LIMBS it was finding the funding, which is annoying because in Britain NOW there’s lots of funding available for shorts about how divided the country is and I just think ‘well I’ve already made a short about that! Where were they 2 years ago?’ 


For BUS, the whole film is set at night but we were shooting it during the shortest night of the year, so we really had to make every second count as we had less than 5 hours to shoot the whole thing. We didn’t quite get everything we needed on the bus we’d hired, so I had to go out on public night-buses and covertly film the final things we needed, which confused a lot of drunk late-night passengers. 

WT POSTER_017.jpg

Have you always been interested in filmmaking?


Yes. And when I was in my teens my family got some really basic PC game called '3D Movie Maker' free with our first computer and I started making things with that and really enjoyed showing what I had made to people. 


What feeds your creativity?

Just getting out and about amongst people and places. I’m still early on in my career though and learning what works best for me. 


How has your approach to your films changed since your debut short film?

I used to be a lot more interested in just communicating an idea through the story. Now I’m more focussed on trying to create characters and stories that have more emotional resonance. 


As a filmmaker how important is the collaborative process for you? 

It’s the most important thing. Even though I currently write, direct and edit my shorts, a lot of that is just to save money or time. I really wish I was able to thrash ideas around with people more often as it always bares fruit when we do.


Do you have any advice or tips for a fellow filmmaker?


Make as many friends as possible and chat with everyone.


What are you currently working on?

I have written two features, for which I am trying to get funding and form a production team. 


One is a creature feature starring the creature from BUS. It’s going to be so much fun but it’s proving to be a hard sell as, on paper, it’s quite FX heavy and ambitious seeming to people.  


The other feature is completely different. It’s about three people in suburban Britain experiencing a sexual awakening. It’s semi-autobiographical, inspired by when I was 18 and my friend made a video of me wearing a dress and it went viral.


And finally, what do you hope people will take away from these films?


I hope they think ‘Wow, that was fun, I want to see more stuff by that guy’ and they can at 

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