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TNC Archive 2017


Be Illuminated 

Originally published in 2017 

Papi started his creative journey training as an actor in New York at Lee Strasbourg theatre institute where he studied his craft for several years. He then moved onto working as a creative director for some of New York’s hottest night clubs creating sets for their weekly shows. 


Hi Papi thanks for talking to TNC, how's everything going?


I am in a good place and hugely excited to be sharing my latest work.


You all set for your return to Lights of Soho for your latest exhibition? 


I couldn't be more thrilled to show my new work in such an inspirational venue.


Wings was such a huge success last year, did you imagine your work would gain this type of response?


The response from the wings was so beyond what imagined and I am glad that so many understood the concept of becoming part of the art. Every one wants to fly, right ? 


What does it mean for you to be back at Lights of Soho with Be Illuminated?


It means so so much to me to be in the space where so many great light artist have shown before. 


Do you still get nervous ahead of a new exhibition?


Sure I do. It's always an emotionally charged situation when you show inner elements of yourself.


Tell me a little bit about Be Illuminated, how did this all come about?


It was a desire to break the boundaries for tattoo art and allow people to see this work  in another medium. I wanted people to see past the taboos that tattoos have and actually throw light into some very evocative images. 


Not every one is willing to commit lifelong to a certain image on their skin but this work now allows people enjoy these images on a different canvas. 


Where did the inspiration behind this exhibition come from?


I was inspired by feelings of nostalgia that traditional tattoo art evokes. Tattoos can be anything, they can be biographical and have deep meaning or they can simply be an image one is connected to. Some of the pieces in this show are symbolic of where I was at that moment in time.


" approach to the pieces has become more structured due to the high interest in my work."

What have been the biggest challenges you've faced putting this exhibition together?


From the conception of the initial idea, to the execution of the finished piece there are many challenges to overcome but, it is all worthwhile when I see the work lit up for the first time.


How much does your background in theatre and design influence your art?


There is an element of theatre to what I create now, but as an artist, all the experience I have acquired along the way supports and enhances my abilities in this current medium.


Have you always had a passion for art?


Absolutely, it has always been a part of my life.


How much has your approach to your work changed since you started?


Over the last two years, my approach to the pieces has become more structured due to the high interest in my work.


What has been the best advice you could give an up and coming artist?


Think it, feel it, do it, mean it.


And finally what do you hope people will take away from this exhibition?


Love and Light.

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