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World Premiere

Full Frame Documentary Film Festival 2021



Directed By Jared Jakins
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SCENES FROM THE GLITTERING WORLD directed by Jared Jakins is set to have its virtual World Premiere at the 2021 Full Frame Documentary Festival June 2-6. This powerful documentary follows Granite, Ilii & Noah, three Indigenous youths who are trying to figure out who they are and how best to forge their own paths in life.

We spoke with Noah ahead of the festival.

Hi Noah, thank you for talking to TNC, how have you been holding up during these strange times?


Thank you for having me and having an interest in my life. It’s a strange world right now. I’ve started a wood business with my Dad, Uncle and brother Paul. We’ve been selling firewood. I’ve re-invested it back into the company but I’ve also been able to take care of my grandparents and help my dad with a few things. I’m trying to save money as well. I’m looking into buying a bigger chainsaw and I also recently bought my new Gaming PC.


Has this time offered you any new creative inspiration?


Not too much. Just been focussed on my new business and keeping the family safe.


How does it feel to be having your World Premiere of your film Scenes From The Glittering World at the 2021 Full Frame Documentary Film Festival 2021?


I don’t know. I never thought something like would happen. I never imagined I’d open myself up to other people. I’ve never liked being on camera or being recorded before. This will be something I’ll remember my whole life. I guess I’ve been shocked that other people have found our stories to be interesting.


Are there any nerves ahead of the festival?


Not really. I’m not nervous to have other people see it. I was nervous to see it myself, but that was a lot easier than being in front of the camera. I’m really excited for all my family to see it.


Did you have any apprehensions about taking part in such a unique documentary?


Everything just sorta happened naturally. Things just opened up with time, and I opened myself up.


What has the experience been like for you making this film and is there any thing you think you would do/say differently?


It was good, there were times were I felt pretty uncomfortable opening up just because I’m pretty quiet. Wouldn’t really change anything.


"You can’t heal in one night, it takes times and distractions and lots of positive thoughts. You gotta just grind."

Do you think once other Indigenous youth (and elders) watch your experiences in Scenes From The Glittering World that it could open a wider discussion within the communities?


Yes. It’s not just us that have had difficult experiences growing up on a reservation. My Grandpa told me before he passed that you have to get up and do what you got to do everyday, the sun will shine with or without you. Take advantage of it everyday. So even though there are rough times, there’s no judgement, and just talking about our lives can help. Hopefully people off the reservation can also see more about what life can be like here, good times and hard times.


If you could describe your school experience in one word what would it be and why?


Awesome. I feel like compared to other larger schools I attended throughout my life it was a relief to have people I knew at a small school. It was nice being close to family. I really appreciated Gary the principle, Mr Bedoni, and Heather and Tony Anderson, teachers you see in the movie. Even though the school felt like they were failing they made it comfortable for me and I feel like they did the best they could for me. Sometimes it was boring, but if you get involved with things it was fun. A lot of students were shy, it bummed me out sometimes but overall it was actually fun going there.


Is there any advice you wish you had been offered and do you have any advice to offer someone who might be going through the same experiences as you?


Everybody is going to have tough times, it’s natural and part of life. Some people will have it worse or better, and no matter how low you might feel you can always move up. You can’t heal in one night, it takes times and distractions and lots of positive thoughts. You gotta just grind.


And finally, what do you hope people will take away from Scenes From The Glittering World?


A respect for our families’ experiences and history. How our language almost went away because of people intentionally trying to get rid of it. And even despite that we’ve still served as code talkers and kept the language alive. I’d like people to see us not just as real people, not just as an Indian in a movie in the background, no teepees, no bows and arrows, but people in 2021.

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