Caught up in our human lives, we miss out on the amazing. On an aeroplane wing, a company of snails performs a wonderfully slippery choreography...

Hi Nicolas, thanks for talking to TNC, how is everything going?

I'm fine, thank you!  

What does it mean to be bringing your film to Cannes?

The Cannes Film Festival is obviously an important event. Being present with his film is above all for me a desire to be noticed in a broader context than animation cinema. I am curious to know how the film will be received. 

Will there be any nerves ahead of the festival or are you just taking it all in your stride? 

My film is not in competition but at the short film corner. I have no reason to be tense. I just hope the film gets noticed.

What do you hope to take away from your time at Cannes?

To be noticed!

Can you tell me a little bit about 1 Mètre/Heure, how did this film come about?

The film is the third part of a series of 3 short films. 7 tonnes 2 was the training of an elephant gymnast on a trampoline, 5 mètres 80 a herd of diving giraffes. 1 Mètre/heure was born from a desire to approach the notion of time, to enter into the perception of a snail. In time-lapse a snail becomes a skater, I went further to create a surrealist choreography.

What was the most challenging part of bringing 1 Mètre/Heure to life? 

The film was a challenge on several levels. The most difficult part was not to fall into anthropomorphism. I wanted the film to remain the idea of dancing snails and not a copy of human dancers even though I relied on real dancers to work. The other major challenge is the technical challenge and the photographic image. Surrealism and poetry were at that price.

What was the most valuable lesson you've taken from making this film?

With the film, I managed to join forces with many financial, technical and artistic partners. With my old courts and faith in his project, we can get a lot of people on board!

"My goal is not necessarily to make it feel but to feed my work."

Have you always had a passion for filmmaking?

I'm not a great film buff. It is my passions for graphic design, creation and the animal world that pushed me to become a filmmaker. 

How much has your approach to your films changed since your debut film?

I have learned to be more ambitious, to go further in intellectual research to feed an imagination. My goal is not necessarily to make it feel but to feed my work. Then everyone will take what they want. I like the idea of being evocative.

Is there any advice you've been given that's stuck with you?

hum, don't remember. I think I had a pretty clear vision of how I wanted to make the film. 

Do you have any advice you would offer a fellow filmmaker?

For me, each trajectory is very different and personal. My advice might be to dare to think outside the box... I also think it is urgent to give the wild animal a voice.

And finally, what do you hope people will take away from 1 Mètre/Heure?

I hope to succeed in provoking a certain amount of wonder close to that which one can have as a child. I also hope that the spectator felt like a snail skater for a while.

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