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Music Festival2022 

Milda Deltuvaite
June 2, 2022
De Loods

Price: € 8 EUR / Person

Reconnect Festival is a non-profit event set up by students from the Arts, Culture and Media course in Groningen. The emphasis of the festival is to reconnect with old friends, other students and artists which takes place in Loods on the 2nd of June.


Milda Deltuvaite is a Lithuanian Pianist and Singer who is set to perform at Reconnect on June 2nd.

Hi Milda, thank you for talking to The New Current, how have you been keeping during these strange times?


I will be honest, it wasn't that easy to practice and not be able to perform for people,  but I just kept waiting and hoping that strange times will end soon.


What has it meant you to be part of the Reconnect Festival?


Reconnect means to me a lot! Almost all concerts I had in my life was as a pianist. It's my first festival where I have a chance to perform my own music as a singer with guitar but not as a pianist.


Any superstitions before heading out on stage?


Nah, not really.


Do you ever get nervous ahead of a show or are you able to just take it in your stride?


I definitely do feel very excited and slightly nervous at the beginning. But I try to leave all the nerves behind me that I could give a message the way it is. 


For a festival like Reconnect how do you go about planning and creating your setlist?


I try to set things while I rehearse and using my imagination what feels right. 


What is your favourite song to perform?


Everything equally. But if I must to pick one it would be "You never know".


Where did your passion for music come from?


From little days I could never stop touching and playing piano keys and that's when my parents noticed that I have to do something with the music. I was around 5.

"Style wise my music goes from Indie soul, ambient, jazz and improvisation to pop. I am working to blend all my knowledge to one and make something authentic."

How much did you time and experience at Prins Claus Conservatory help guide you on your musical journey?


I am experiencing my 4th year of jazz piano and 3rd of vocals. Soon I am finally graduating one of these!


What inspires and influences your approach to writing music?


Everything what touches my emotions. My songs are touching reality (and not) topics what mostly happened to every single person on this earth. 

How best would you describe your music?


Emotional and full of harmony and balance. 


How much has the approach and style evolved since you started out?


Since I was on my musical research journey for a long time, it was changing and growing all the time. And finally it's getting where I really want to. Style wise my music goes from Indie soul, ambient, jazz and improvisation to pop. I am working to blend all my knowledge to one and make something authentic. 


And finally, what do you hope your audiences will take away from your music?


I hope they will get that peace and balance feeling and take from me that part of my dreams and stories what I share through my music. 

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