Kids can see the world as a scary place, but usually, that's just their imaginations running wild... Or is it?

Hi Milad, thanks for talking to TNC, how is everything going?

Earth is still hard (hard enough to live and walk on) and the sky is still blue.

Who Eats My Friend is part of the ANNY Selection what does it mean to be bringing your film to Cannes?

Well I think it's a dream for every filmmaker to be a part of this festival, for me it is also one of the best things that happened in my life.

Will there be any nerves ahead of the festival or are you just taking it all in your stride? 

No, I don’t have special worries.

What do you hope to take away from your time at Cannes?

New friends

Can you tell me a little bit about Who Eats My Friend, how did this film come about?

When I was a little kid I found a picture of my mom holding a baby in her arms, I picked it up and went to my mom and happily asked her whether I was the baby in her arms and she replied no he’s your cousin, at that time you were in my stomach, I cried for days thinking about the reason why my mom should eat me.

What was the most challenging part of bringing Who Eats My Friend to life? 

What mistake I have made that I deserved this punishment (to be eaten by my mom).

What have been the important lessons you've taken from making Who Eats My Friend?

I usually learn new techniques and experiences while I’m working on either short films or animations, it’s like doing my school homework, working with professional and kind people is so precious for me.

Have you always had a passion for filmmaking?

Yes although my field of study was something else, I’ve always loved filmmaking.

How much has your approach to your films changed since your debut film?

I don’t know.

Is there any advice you've been given that's stuck with you?

Perfect sex is an investment.

Do you have any advice you would offer a fellow filmmaker?

Never let someone eat your friend so that you have to look for them everywhere.

And finally, what do you hope people will take away from Who Eats My Friend?

Honestly, I bring my own concerns into my films (I make my films based on my concerns and thoughts) and I don’t expect people to learn any special lesson from my films I just hope that they enjoy my works.

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