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SUNDANCE Film Festival | 2019 

Arman Fayyaz 


Nominee Short Film Grand Jury Prize 

Shorts Program 2

January 25th 18:30 - Redstone Cinema 1 Park City

After the unexpected death of his wife, a man struggles to deal with the aftermath under the eyes of the local villagers.


Hi Arman for talking to TNC, you all set for the festival?

The Sundance Festival was the at Peak of my dream and participate in this festival for me as a filmmaker is a great opportunity, I hope this presence will continue for me, although this year, due to political issues between Iran and the United States, I deprived to come to the USA.


What does it mean to you to be at Sundance with Manicure?


I have a great deal of anxiety, I'm looking forward to seeing the reaction of spectators, film-makers and critics of the film because elected in Sundance festival is very important for me.


Manicure is the only Iranian film at Sundance does this add any extra pressure on you?


Yes. Attendance in Sundance will make the future of my filmmaking more important. Sundance is at the peak, and Iranian expect to me to stay at the peak. And I make every effort to realizing my wishes.


Tell me a little bit about Manicure, how did the film come about? 


My film is about ignorance and prejudice, ignorance about ourselves and the community around us, Humans, regardless of their gender, must be accepted by the desire and gender within them, but prejudice and ignorance are common people always prevented.


What was the biggest challenge you faced bringing Manicure to life?


I have to do daring because the subject of the film in my country is a red line, but I tried to pass it with finesse although the production conditions were very difficult for me.


Have you always had a passion for filmmaking?


I seriously began filming in 2001 and before that, I was a serious movie fan, and I thought that I couldn’t do anything except cinema.

"Believe in your ideas and believe in yourself."

As a filmmaker how important is the collaborative process for you? 


Cinema is a collective art, actors, film director, stage designer, vocalist, and even technical and logistical person, all play the same role in the creation of the film. In my opinion, cinema is the most republican art for the creation of humanity.


How much has your approach to your work changed since your debut film?


I have made advances because I learned techniques and the world has gone ahead develop but I still have a lot of deficiencies. I hope that the more I go, the more I can eliminate my mistakes and expand my mental world.


Do you have any advice or tips for a fellow filmmaker?


Believe in your ideas and believe in yourself. Always try to make bold ideas.


What are you currently working on?


I work on the screenplay of a short film about a rare disease and against human ignorance and prejudice, and if I provide financial resources I will make it.


And finally, what do you hope people will take away from this film?


Humans have their sexual identity inside of themselves, not outside, and human belief has the power to overcome any fanatical and backward society, because humanity is superior to any thought.

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