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TNC Archive 2012 
Music Interview

Kyrstle Warren

The New Current first met Kyrstle Warren during a Nick Drake retrospective Way To The Blue in Brighton in 2010. During the evening it was Warren's bluesy rendition of Time Has Told Me that brought the house down. This was a night of music that was a wonder to behold but Warren somehow connected to this song in such a way one could hear everything she put into it.

Hi Kyrstle, thank you for talking with The New Current, how are things going?

Fine, thanks. 

You have a new album released, Love Songs, tell us a little bit about it?

It's an album featuring twelve tunes all about love. It was recorded completely live in an amazing studio in Brooklyn, and it features about twenty-six musicians. 

You're a prolific song writer, how hard was it to choose the tracks for the new record?

Not hard at all. When you have a theme, you stick to it. I found the tunes that had a strong narrative to what I wanted to say, express..and got to it. 

In terms of inspiration, how do you start writing a new track, what is it that inspires you?

I don't write tracks; I write songs. If I could explain what goes through my head, I don't think I'd be able to create, really. 

What would you say is the most personal song on the album?

Every Morning. 

How did you get into music, has it always been something you wanted to do?

I bought a guitar at a friend's encouragement. It quickly grew out of control from there. 

What was your first live show like, where you nervous?

Of course I was! 

"He wrote beautiful songs, period."

You where in Brighton a few years ago with the Nick Drake event, how did you find the city, did you get much time to explore?

Brighton is a lovely, lovely town...I always love stopping in. 

What is it about Nick Drake that seems to inspire so many singer songwriters?

He wrote beautiful songs, period. 

You're going to back in Brighton for the Brighton Festival how did this come about?

I was invited and quite happily RSVP'd.

What can we expect from your Brighton festival show?

Fun for the whole family!


Finally, what do you hope people take from you music? 

Exactly what I put into it.

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