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Stand-Up / Character COMEDY

Jul 31, Aug 1-11, 13-26: TICKETS

JULY 5, 2024 

Online comedy sensation Henry Rowley makes his highly anticipated Edinburgh debut. It's disappointing enough having a TikToker for a son; can a stand-up show be any more disappointing to Henry's parents? Yes it can. Join this Gen-Z internet twat for an hour of fast paced stand-up and character comedy.

Hi Henry, thank you for taking the time to talk with us ahead of EdFringe, how excited are you to be bringing your debut show to the festival?


I’m so excited. I remember going to the Fringe for the first time a few years ago and seeing all these shows and just getting such an itch and telling myself that no matter what, I have to perform here one day. So yeah bringing a solo hour is so exciting, I still can’t quite believe it to be honest. 


Will there be any nerves ahead of the festival?


Oh for sure. But nerves can be good. Unless I throw up. Then that’s not as good. 


Does it add extra pressure on you seeing Time Out called you “one of 2023’s break-out comic stars”?


It’s a wonderful compliment but for me I don’t think so. My goal is to put on a show that I enjoy and am proud of and want to be excited to show my friends and family. If I can do that then it’s been a success for me. I want to just enjoy the experience. 


Do you mind being called “TikTok’s comedy darling”? 


Hahah absolutely not. What a great nickname. It’s better than what my mum calls me (“dickhead”). 


What makes bringing a new show to EdFringe so a special?


I think being able to put on a show in any capacity is pretty special, but the opportunity to do it at EdFringe just adds that extra element. It’s just such a historical and special place, some of the performers that were discovered here and others that still perform here, just being able to be a part of that history in whatever capacity is a special feeling. 


Can you tell me a little bit about how Just Literally came about, what inspired your show?


I think it’s each to their own really, different people have different approaches. For me, the main thing is making sure I’m enjoying the performance every night. If it gets to a point where I’m not enjoying myself, the audience will sniff that out a mile off and won’t enjoy themselves either. So for me I guess maybe it’s exciting to maintain that flexibility, allow myself to improvise and go with the moment if it feels right and to try new stuff to keep it exciting. 


If you could sum up Just Literally in one word what would it be?


How important is it for you to be flexible with your material once a shows running?




"Performing live on stage youve got to really make people laugh out loud else it can end up being quite traumatic."

What was the experience like moving from TikTok and into stand-up?


It was exciting and terrifying. It’s a great experience and you get such a rush when it goes well, but you’ve also got to accept that being funny online doesn’t mean you’re immediately a stand-up comedian. There’s a lot to learn and I’m still learning and going through that process. But it allows you to push yourself when there’s nowhere to hide, so it definitely builds you up as a person. 


What are the biggest difference between performing live and creating comedy on a platform like TikTok?


Performing live there’s people watching you, TikTok is just a screen (you should know this). No but seriously. I guess the main difference is that creating comedy for digital platforms you just have to be relatable or amusing, you don’t have to make people laugh out loud. Performing live on stage you’ve got to really make people laugh out loud else it can end up being quite traumatic. 


Do you have any traditions or superstitions before heading out on stage and once a show is over how do you unwind? 


I tend to pace a lot before a show. It isn’t panic as such but there’s so much energy there and if I sit down it bubbles into nerves so it allows me to just focus and keep that energy simmering away. Afterwards I have many beers (legend). 


What has been the best piece of advice you’ve been given?


Righty Tighty, lefty loosey.


What would your top tips be for anyone wanting to get into comedy using TikTok as a means to build their audience?


Do what you genuinely enjoy and find funny, don’t make something that you think will go viral, trust your own sense of humour. 


And finally, what would you hope Fringe audiences will take away from Just Literally?


Their litter. 

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