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Josh Farrell
26th Raindance Film Festival 2018
UK, 2018, 4 min | Tickets
The Power of Max

During a raucous party, Max must overcome his nerves and ignore the negative thoughts clouding his mind if he is to speak with the girl of his dreams.


Hey Josh, thanks for talking to TNC, how is everything going? 

Things are going well at the moment and I’m feeling pretty excited about the screening at Raindance.

Are there any nerves ahead of the screening?

Oh yes! Quite a few actually! With my film being a comedy it’ll be obvious if no ones enjoying it so I’m hoping to hear some laughter!

What does it mean to be screening The Power of Max at Raindance 2018?

It means so much to get that kind of recognition from a film festival like Raindance. Especially when you think about some of the filmmakers whose work has played there in the past.

Tell me a little bit about The Power of Max, how did the film come about?

As previously mentioned it is a comedy and it’s set during a party where Max has to overcome his nerves and ignore the negative thoughts clouding his mind in order to speak with a girl he fancies. The script is the opening scene from a feature film script I’ve written and I wanted to make it as a proof of concept for the feature. So hopefully I’ll be able to get the feature produced sooner or later.

The Power of Max

What was the inspiration behind your screenplay?

It’s loosely based on real-life experiences I had as a teenager going to parties and dealing with the anxiety that those social situations brought on for me.

What was the most challenging part of making this film?

The shoot was definitely the most challenging part. We shot at the beginning of March 2018 when snow meant a lot of trains were canceled and many members of my crew were unable to make the shoot. We got it done with a small crew and everyone performing multiple jobs but it was a hard day’s work!

Have you always had a passion for filmmaking?

Always. As a kid, my mates and I would regularly make films together and I spent more of my childhood than I probably should have to watch every film I could get my hands on. 

"Trust your instincts."

What is the most valuable lesson you've taken from making this film?

Preparation is key. The more you prepare before the shoot the better you’ll be able to deal with all of the issues that will inevitably arise.

How would you describe The Power of Max in three words?

Funny. Awkward. Surprising.

Do you have any advice or tips for any fellow filmmaker?

Trust your instincts. If something doesn’t feel right to you then it’s probably not the right choice for your film.

And finally, what do you hope people will take away from this film?

I just hope people find it funny and have an enjoyable experience watching it.

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