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17-20 February 

Jamie Weston 
Sometime, Somewhere 

Section: In Someone Else’s Shoes

A couple of years ago me and my girlfriend came across a load of old photo slides in an old Bric-à-Brac shop in the south of England. We compiled our favourite ones and began to create a story out of them which we wanted to make a short film about.

Hey Jaime, thank you for talking to The New Current, how have you been holding up during these very strange times?

I'm keeping well, as everyone really just keep pottering on.

Has this time offered you any new creative inspiration or opportunities?

It defiantly did with this project, The idea came from being cooped up inside and wanting to create a story about people on holiday. I don't know if it helped or I just got jealous of people at the beach.

What does it mean to be screening Sometime, Somewhere at the 15th BFI Future Film Festival?

It's really great to have such a prestigious institution recognising young filmmakers and I am so grateful to be a part of that. I was not expecting the selection or the nomination and I feel like it has re sparked my drive to get into the industry.

Sometime, Somewhere is going to be in the In Someone Else’s Shoes Section of the festival, are there any nerves ahead of the festival?

I am slightly nervous about sitting in a screen with people all watching my film it will be the first time I see the reaction from people I don't know.

Can you tell me a little bit how Sometime, Somewhere came about, what was the inspiration behind your film?

I found some old film slides at a second hand shop in Brighton and I kept them with the idea of doing a project with them. When the lockdown came I made the film.

When working on a short film like this how close where you able to keep to your script once you started shooting, did you allow yourself much flexibility?

I recorded the audio and made a storyboard first. Everything wis quite restricted by that afterwards.

"That is why this festival is great, young fresh viewpoints that we haven't got to see yet."

What has been the biggest challenge you've faced bringing Sometime, Somewhere to life?

Editing this film with my audio was not nice, I struggled listening to my own voice that much.

Since making Sometime, Somewhere what has been the most valuable lesson you have taken from making this film?

It is always better to plan.

Where did you passion for filmmaking come from?

Watching. I think that is the place most people start. Then I got a camera and I was hooked.

Do you think filmmakers should continue to push the boundaries of the stories they want to tell?

Absolutely, the more stories the better. That is why this festival is great, young fresh viewpoints that we haven't got to see yet.

For anyone out there thinking about making their first film do you have any tips or advice you would offer them?

Just make it. If it's not good or you aren't proud of it use it as a lesson for the next one.

And finally, what do you hope people will take away from Sometime, Somewhere?

That you don't need actors to tell a fun story.

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