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Aug 1-25: TICKETS

JULY 7, 2024 

After a sell-out run, Nobody's Talking About Jamie returns with "Taylor's Version"... 'Who are you Jamie!?' 'I'm that bitch!' Jamie is not, in fact, that bitch. Jamie has been dumped. Jamie is a hot mess and needs to reinvent himself. Celebrating the dizzying romance and heart-breaking tragedy of friendship, Jamie Finn explores the chaotic wilderness of platonic love and searches for someone who will finally talk about Jamie! Best Fringe Debut, Theatre Weekly 2023.

Hi Jamie, it’s great to talk with you ahead of the Fringe. What does it mean to you to be able to bring Nobody’s Talking About Jamie (Taylor’s Version) back to the festival this year? 


I’m so excited to be performing this show again. It had such a great response last year and I LOVE telling this story at the best arts festival in the world! 


After the huge success of the show in 2023, which was a sell-out is there any additional pressure on you now coming back?


There’s always a pressure with taking a show to the fringe and especially as I’m looking to achieve new things this year with the show. However, after doing a run at the Soho Theatre  in June we are in such a good place with ‘Taylor’s Version’ and can’t wait for it to hit Edinburgh!  


The reviews for the show are equally impressive, did you imagine you’d get so much acclaim for Nobody’s Talking About Jamie?


I really didn’t. I was such a gamble taking the show up last year. I had this story to tell and hoped that it would resonate with people who have experienced the heartbreak of platonic love, and it really did! I was over the moon when people were talking about the show and turning up. 


And winning Theatre Week’s Best Fringe Debut, how did that feel?


Amazing! I got the news just before doing a show and curtly gave me a pep in my step for that performance. 


What do you think it was/is about this show that has connected with people so much?


Lots of reasons - I think that the main one is platonic love and the loss of a friendship. It’s not spoken about as much as the loss of romantic love and can be just as devastating.  

"I have a great production company and fantastic agent this year and the lessons I learnt from this story over the last 12 months have been poured into this version."

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How did Nobody’s Talking About Jamie (Taylor’s Version) come about, what can audiences expect?


They can expect to laugh! Taylor’s Version came out the suggestion that I do the show again, but much like Taylor, an updated version that has more weight to it - I have a great production company and fantastic agent this year and the lessons I learnt from this story over the last 12 months have been poured into this version. 


Has much has the show changed since its original run?


The skeleton of the story is the same - but things have been added and updated. It’s much funnier IMO. And there’s, obviously, much more Taylor Swift. 


How much of your personal experiences did you want to put into the final show, and was it hard to let go of some of these experiences and give them up to your audience?


It is hard giving certain facets of yourself to the audience but is also quite cathartic. While the story is based on events, Jamie and the characters he encounters are just characters and any truth of mine that I tell behind the mask of Jamie the character is fictionalised enough to protect myself and others. 


In three words what best describes Nobody’s Talking About Jamie (Taylor’s Version)? 


Dancing. Girl. Emoji.

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