10th Ca' Foscari Short Film Festival
International Competition
Ivän James Hayward
Terra Ferme
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Emile, a sensitive 12-year-old child who dreams of escaping from his father's isolated farm, which destinies him for a hard life as a farmer in which he is disinterested. Until the day when a plane lands in an emergency in a nearby field: what if this injured pilot was Emile's exit ticket?

Hi Ivän thank you for talking to TNC, how are you holding up during these very strange times?

Hello, thank you so much for asking. I think it’s a rough time for everyone, but at the moment I find myself to be very productive so I’m thankful for that.

Has this time offered you any creative inspiration?

It definitely has! I am currently working on different projects, including a feature film that I would like to direct. My hopes are up.

Congratulations on having Terre Ferme selected for this year's Ca' Foscari Short Film Festival, what does it mean to you to be part of such an amazing lineup of films?

It truly is an honour. My team and I were so excited to have ‘Terre Ferme’ selected in this festival, because we know the standards of the selection. To have your work recognized in such a way is truly inspiring.

Terre Ferme is in the International Competition, does this add any additional pressure on you?

It definitely adds a layer, yes. From what I saw of the other films selected in this category, there’s quite a competition! But I have faith that the movie will be appreciated.

"A lot of the story comes from my own experiences in life, mixed in with this very particular setting I wanted to use, so the challenge was to blend the two together."

Can you tell me a little bit about Terre Ferme and how did this film come about?

The upbringing of this project was quite a long journey. It started as a completely different concept and went through many changes before we got to the version of the film you can see today. A lot of the story comes from my own experiences in life, mixed in with this very particular setting I wanted to use, so the challenge was to blend the two together.

Did you face many challenges bringing this film to life?

Writing it was definitely the first and biggest. Then we had a lot of challenges preparing the shoot, for example, finding ourselves a plane and some sheep, but the team was extraordinary and managed to overcome every single problem that was thrown our way.

Looking back, is there anything you would have done differently on this film?

On one hand I would say no, because I was very confident with everything I was doing at the moment and I wouldn’t want to break that. On the other hand, of course I would, because I have grown, I learned stuff and I got perspective on the film. I see all the flaws, but I decide to embrace them.

Where did your passion for filmmaking come from?

It started at a very young age. I was 11 when, one afternoon, a friend of mine suggested we had fun with his dad’s new camera. We shoot our first ever movie (on a horrible green screen), and since then I never stopped! I always had a passion for the arts and its different expressions, now I just put the work in and try to finesse my skills.

What has been some of the best advice you’ve been given?

Stick to your guts and only do what you truly believe in.

Should filmmakers continue to push the boundaries of the films and stories they want to tell?

If they don't, is it still really filmmaking? This art was meant to be expanded, explored and discovered. We have yet to tell stories and push the boundaries.

Do you have any tips or advice you would offer a fellow filmmaker?

Just follow your instinct and go for it! Even with very little you can do a lot. Nothing is stopping you except yourself.

And finally, what do you hope people will take away from Terre Ferme?

This movie has quite a strong vision of the world and how it should work, and I hope it might open the eyes of some people on their relationships. Otherwise, some people might simply identify with the characters and find beauty in the story. I think everyone has something to get out of ‘Terre Ferme’.

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