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Clip: "ONLY" (2019) 

TNC Archive 2013
Music Interview

Hudson Thames
“Life is Perspective. What are you Looking at?”

Just when I thought there isn't much room on the iPod for more music Hudson Thames latest track FALL THROUGH comes to my attention. A powerful and emotional song full of the brutal honesty of experience few young singer/songwriters can even begin to master. Hudson spoke with TNC in 2016 just after a little road trip to Santa Barbara and was seen in the ABC comedy MALIBU COUNTRY starring Reba McEntire.

Hi Hudson, thanks for talking to The New Current, how's it going?

Absolutely! It’s going well, thanks.

2012 has been a pretty exciting and busy time for you, you managed to get some rest? 

I have kind of been alternating this past year between work and travel, and It’s been really exciting.

You have just appeared in "Malibu Country" what was that like? 

Malibu Country is a blast. It is such a kind and talented group of people. Everyone is funny and inspiring, in a unique way and I feel very lucky to be a part of it. If you haven’t seen it it’s on Friday nights at 8:30 on ABC!

As a musician what was it like getting to work with Reba? 

Again, the only word that comes to mind is: inspiring. Reba is so incredibly kind and hard working. She works all week, and then will go and do a weekend of shows, and go talk to Craig Ferguson. She is someone who is driven by her passion and it shows how working hard pays off.

Has acting always been something you wanted to do? 

When I was around 9, a family friend of ours asked if I wanted to join her acting class, and I absolutely LOVED it. It was a lot improve games, and scene study, and I just thought it was a blast. A couple years later, my parents asked if I wanted to start auditioning, and I was like “sure” and I ended up loving that too.

When did you start writing music? 

9 years old.

Do you remember what your first song was you wrote? 

“Crystal Skies”. I was in the bath, and I said, “Dad! Come in here, I wrote a song.” He ended up putting piano to it, and we played it at my school talent show.


"We felt that the education received from experiencing different cultures is extremely important, one we can’t pass up."

Last November you released the video for your latest song "Fall Through", tell us a little bit about song? 

“Fall Through” is about someone who wants to be a better person, but can’t. No matter how many times I try to pick that person up, the best solution is to stand back and let them self-destruct.

What inspires your music? 

My relationships with people in my life, my musical influences, and new environments. Sometimes I’ll be in a new place, and I’ll grab my iPhone and lay down a voice note while walking in the street. The iPhone voice notes have been my Saving Grace.

Does the lyrics or music come first? 

Music, usually.

FALL THROUGH is a very emotional song, and the video has a lot of passion, does it get hard to give up some of these songs to your audience? 

Funny you should say that, and what an awesome question. “Fall Through” was the hardest song to give up. The relationship that song describes is an incredibly personal relationship about someone very close to me. I tried to think that maybe someone would hear the song that was going through something similar, and how I would love to hear a song like that if it was me.

You're also the co-founder of The Road Taken, how did this site come to life? 

The Road Taken, came to life this past year after my buddy Taylor Gray, and I got back from traveling around Europe. When we got back we realized the best times we had were when locals showed us all the cool places they hung out, and we said how we wished we could experience every new place like that. So we decided to create a site where people around the world can upload videos of where THEY think is cool.


Let’s say you are going to Brazil, you would click on the exact area your traveling too, and there would be a bunch of videos from locals who live there showing what they love to do. And you could go check out those places. The blog can be found here at and the site is being developed right now, as we continue to receive videos from users.

maxresdefault (3).jpg

What made you want to travel the world? 

Taylor and I discovered this past year, that since we were little, we both had an innate passion for exploration. We both thrived on the rush we would get from being in a new place. We felt that the education received from experiencing different cultures is extremely important, one we can’t pass up.

Are there any places you really want to go to? 

Haha, the list probably spans a world map, but in the immediate future we are going to Venezuela, and Brazil in April, and in the meantime we are driving up the coast, to San Francisco, and then Cross-Country, to Gatlinburg Tennessee.

Are there plans for you to release more music? 

Yeah! I am working on an EP right now, and playing more shows in Los Angeles in the next couple months.

What do you hope people will take from your music? 

I hope people will get from my music what I get from music; inspiration for whatever I am doing in my life. Music inspires me in many more ways than just making more music. I hope it translates that way for others, as well.

And finally, what is your philosophy of life? 

Taylor and I recently came up with a little philosophy we felt rang true to us. Everywhere in the world is unique to itself, and what “Life” means, is different depending on where you live, what you see, and how that shapes you:

“Life is Perspective. What are you Looking at?” 

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