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World Premiere

Full Frame Documentary Film Festival 2021



Directed By Jared Jakins
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SCENES FROM THE GLITTERING WORLD directed by Jared Jakins is set to have its virtual World Premiere at the 2021 Full Frame Documentary Festival June 2-6. This powerful documentary follows Granite, Ilii & Noah, three Indigenous youths who are trying to figure out who they are and how best to forge their own paths in life.

We spoke with Granite ahead of the festival.

Hi Granite, thank you for talking to TNC, how have you been holding up during these strange times?


Hi! Well just been busy with school and work. Wearing masks and using sanitiser. Trying to do my part to keep my family safe.


Has this time offered you any new creative inspiration?


I got into shoes. I’ve started researching the history of shoes and have started collecting a few pairs. Basketball shoes, lifestyle shoes. I’ve been really into the Jordans lately. 


How does it feel to be having your World Premiere of your film Scenes From The Glittering World at the 2021 Full Frame Documentary Film Festival 2021?


It’s something new for me. But it’s exciting, not many people get to experience something like this. Great to be a part of it.


Are there any nerves ahead of the festival?


Yeah I’m pretty nervous and excited. I’m excited to see what happens next, what the exposure turns into.


Did you have any apprehensions about taking part in such a unique documentary?


At first I was kinda nervous being on camera. Definitely not used to being recorded. It was nerve wracking to share personal things about my self, I kinda knew that would be coming if I was involved.


What has the experience been like for you making this film and is there any thing you think you would do/say differently?


I would go back and tell myself to change my attitude a little. I would’ve acted and talked a little differently about things in general.


"If you’ve lost someone, be strong, just know they are in a better place watching over us and taking care of us."

Do you think once other Indigenous youth (and elders) watch your experiences in Scenes From The Glittering World that it could open a wider discussion within the communities?


Yeah people will be talking about this. Native kids have a hard time expressing their feelings. There is a lot of shyness, especially around new people. After they watch the movie I hope they can express themselves and their feelings a little more.


If you could describe your school experience in one word what would it be and why?

Rare. Pretty sure you don’t find schools like Navajo Mountain anywhere else. Small classes, no team sports, tiny graduating classes. It’s different.


Is there any advice you wish you had been offered and do you have any advice to offer someone who might be going through the same experiences as you?


Keep your head up. Keep moving, don’t worry about the past, you gotta look to the future and be strong.


And finally, what do you hope people will take away from Scenes From The Glittering World?


To have a strong mindset. You’re not the only out there that has had difficult experiences. If you’ve lost someone, be strong, just know they are in a better place watching over us and taking care of us. Take care of the loved ones you still have with you.

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