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SUNDANCE Film Festival | 2019 

Fernando Maldonado

& Jorge Tereso 

Lead Artists


New Frontier Exhibitions

The Ray, 1768 Park Ave., Park City, UT

It's 1983 on a cold night in Woodland City. Being a zombie is against the law. The undead have been around for almost a decade now, but peaceful coexistence with the "normal" people continues to fail. They hide in the forest, away from the dangerous zombie hunters. Nights are calm and quiet, but Gloomy still tries to stay out of sight. Hunters are a real threat, but this zombie is hiding from something else as well...Truth is, he doesn't feel too comfortable around others of his kind. But really, Gloomy is not completely like other zombies. He has access to things we don't see or understand. Nature knows he's special.

Hi Fernando & Jorge thanks for talking to TNC, you all set for the festival?


Yes. We’re extremely excited to be a part of this. And at the same time, we’re still running around to get everything ready to get started. And also enjoying the adrenaline of setting up the installation and the deadline being so close.


With a festival like Sundance do you ever get nervous ahead of your screening?


Emm. To be honest, no. All feedback is very welcome and we really enjoy watching people experience our piece. Maybe we do get a little anxious looking for the day of the premiere.


As this is your World Premiere is there any additional pressure on you?


Sundance is clearly the best place to premiere in the world, so there’s a sensation of wanting to be at that level because we know we are side by side with the most amazing work.


What does it mean to be part of the New Frontier strand at Sundance?


We don’t know yet. It’s going to surprise us. We don’t know what’ll happen but we’re expecting big. And the opening of new pathways.


Can you tell me a little bit about Gloomy Eyes, how did this project come about?


We wanted to do this. We were waiting for something like this since we were children. We wanted to transcend the screen limits and enter the magic world completely. The world of animation. We combined experience in storytelling with our animation capabilities and accepted the challenge of using the new resources that the VR platform has brought us.


What was the most challenging part of bringing Gloomy Eyes to life?


All the experimental phase of the early stages. The trial and error, see what works what doesn’t understand what the right pace for VR is, experience with transitions that can play the role of cuts on TV. To find the right code for a narrative that applies to the story we wanted to tell. The lighting is the key. Because it is not only a resource for composition and photography, but also for the storytelling.


"We love to listen to people talking about their experience related to their emotions..."

Have you always had a passion for filmmaking?


Fernando: Yes. I had a super 8 since I was a kid. But I could never buy the rolls for it. I was fantasizing with movies since forever. The first time I was able to shoot something with a cellphone, I made a short film.

I use to try very little things and have a lot of fun, but only when I managed to connect them and build more of a full story I felt like the “game” was completed”. But I’m talking about my own game because this is being from me to myself, I wasn’t thinking of showing it to the world or anything.


Jorge: No. I was always interested to experiment and build little short films, but they were not stories. They were more like experiments. As a grown up, I started to feel a burning desire to tell stories which express an inner pulse.


How important is the collaborative process on a project like this?


What we like the most about this project is that this project was growing by incorporating lots of talent, but also lots of non-traditional talent. It’s a story that it’s fed up from “freaky” talent. 


What are you currently working on?


We’re working in expanding the world. New episodes. We’re still deepening our understanding of VR and synthesizing the experiences better.


And also mainly to put ourselves at the service of the story, which is alive, and to respecting its essence.


And finally, what do you hope people will take away from Gloomy Eyes?


A sticker. Just kidding.


To reach to their emotions. And a deep effect in the audience disregarding whether is a good one or a bad one. But hopefully a good one. We love to listen to people talking about their experience related to their emotions, more than related to the technology. Also because this is the way in which the technology is really going to evolve. Becoming a legit media platform to reach people’s emotions.

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