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JULY 2, 2024 

Ridiculous things always happen to Harriet, but this year it’s out of control. She’s got to rebuild her whole life but she cannot work out which way the building-blocks go. The multi award-winning Harriet Kemsley is back with a new show about break-ups, sloths and trying to think positively while everything descends into absolute chaos.

Hi Harriet, thank you for talking with The New Current ahead of EdFringe, are you excited to be heading back to the Fringe?

I’m really excited. I love the Fringe, I love being in walking distance to lots of people I love and performing and watching shows and eating a crepe everyday.


What was your first Edinburgh Fringe experience like and what makes EdFringe so special?

I first came to the fringe doing a Christian Message play by accident. I didn’t realise until just before the first performance when the director gathered us round to pray. Suddenly it all made sense! I loved the festival though, it’s really the only place you can get away with being drunk everyday.


As an award-winning comedian does the attention these awards bring add any additional pressure on you?

Absolutely nothing! 


Can you tell me a little bit about how Everything Always Works Out For Me came about, what was the inspiration behind your show?

The show is about how last year everything absolutely didn’t work out but me and my friends Melissa and Lou found this mantra ‘Everything Always Works Out For Me’ and every time we’d say it something else would go wrong. A lot of things happened that I remember thinking would be really funny for other people, with hindsight.


And once a show is running do you allow yourself some flexibility with your material?

Yes its always nice to chat to the audience and bring in what they’re saying. The show can’t be completely rigid, that’s what’s fun about watching something live, you never know what’s going to happen (good and bad).


If there was one word that would best describe Everything Always Works Out For Me what would it be?




Do you have any traditions or superstitions before heading out on stage and once a show is over how do you unwind?

I used to have to wear my hair the exact same and wear the same clothes and drink the same drink but now thank god I just roll up. I unwind usually with wine!


What’s been your fondest memory of being on stage?

I did Live At the Apollo while pregnant with my bebe so that felt very special.

Where did your passion for comedy come from?

I fell over a lot as a child and I think either you decide to try and hide your embarrassments or you learn to laugh at them and thank goodness I’ve learnt to laugh at them. When I was younger I found life quite scary and the more you can laugh at the ridiculousness of it the easier it gets.


"Listen to the audience and keep what works and work on what doesnt and have fun."

Growing up where there any female comics you saw that really impacted you?

I absolutely love Maria Bamford. I think she’s so funny and almost magical.


Since you started out in comedy what have been the most important things you’ve discovered about yourself and the type of comedy/performer you want to be?

I guess that I overshare! I can’t help being completely honest. But I think that’s helped me in life deal with a lot of shame. And brought new shame!

If a joke doesn’t land the way you hoped do you cut it or do you keep it in the set?

The great thing about Edinburgh is you know by day 3 of the festival what works and what doest. After you’ve tried something 3 days in a row in different ways and it gets nothing you cannot stand the thought of ever saying it again.


What’s been the best advice you’ve been given and is there any advice you offer anyone wanting to get into comedy?

Its just stage time. You just have to get up and perform as much as possible. Listen to the audience and keep what works and work on what doesn’t and have fun. I’ve definitely taken it too seriously in the past. If you’re having a great time they’ll get onboard.


And finally, what would you hope Fringe audiences will take away from Everything Always Works Out For Me?

I think its definitely going to be my funniest show which is the most important thing!

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