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TNC Archive 2012 

Emanuel & The Fear
Originally published in 2012

Emanuel and the Fear are a band I discovered in 2009 when they released their single RAIN BECOMES THE CLOUDS which became something of an anthem from me. Their uniqueness is steeped in a musicality that is richly layered with a variety of instruments that lift their music in such a remarkable way. Even now writing this I feel transported to 2009 hearing this song for the first time and then finding them on MySpace which would lead me to eventually meet the band during their London show in 2012.

Hi Emanuel, how has everything been going? 

Very well thanks. We've been very busy since then. 

How was it performing at Camden Barfly did the UK live up to expectations?

The UK has been really great!  We've played a bunch of lovely shows among which the End of the Road festival was one of the most exciting for us. 

Your debut album 'Listen' was a huge success did it surprise you to get the reaction you got for it? 

I think every reaction to my work is a surprise to me. I never can know how anyone is going to feel about the songs we put out. I like them and am comfortable showing them to the outside world whether other people like them or not so when people do it's always pleasant to hear that my opinion of whats a decent song isn't too far off from what other people's is. 

Was it easy to let go of the album once it was finished or was it difficult to let go?

Well, LISTEN took a little longer to finish than I would have liked so it wasn't too hard for me to let go of. Most of the songs on it were tracked along with the original EP. In fact, the first EP was supposed to be an LP but because of delays, we cut it short and made two records out of it.  Some would argue Listen could have been split in two itself given its length but the songs were from one big writing period and I felt it was important that they remained together. 


Will you be premiering new songs during your UK tour? 

We will be playing the Hands EP along with a few from the previous records. We'll also be playing brand new material that we'll be tracking this February for our upcoming LP. 

Has the new material been easy to write and put together?

I actually wrote the LP in less than a year and we've arranged it for the band in less than that which has been a lot of work but very exciting. Our dynamic as a group is great and the process has gone very smoothly. I'm excited to get it down in the studio this winter. 

Have there been any challengers?

Well the new record is 8 tracks and I wrote something like 15. So yes, we whittled down a lot. There was no yelling or throwing things either! Not yet at least.

'Over and Over' was written in support of the Occupy WS movement, how did you get involved with them?

No, I wrote it a while ago when Obama was running against McCain. It's a song about people not paying attention and about want that I used some political images to describe. I thought it fit with the occupy movement so we offered the track for free in honour of their efforts.  

When you head back to the US you will be recording your new album, are the nerves kicking in?

After playing it for a few weeks every day I think we'll be ready to nail it down easily. We're all quite excited for it actually including the guy recording it. It's a very interesting piece and I'm eager to hear it all properly balanced outside of my head. 

"I thought it fit with the occupy movement so we offered the track for free in honour of their efforts.  "

Can you give us a little insight into what the new album might be?

If Pink Floyd, The Who, and Radiohead had a baby and raised it to be an olympic pole vaulter it might sound like this record. 

And finally, what are you most looking forward to as a band in 2012?

First off naming the previously mentioned LP. Secondly, it's release and the touring that will follow.  

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