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Spanish Theatre 2019

You had an amazing run in Madrid for the premiere of Perfectos Desconocidos, did you expect you would get this type of reaction to the play?

Actually, it is the first time I perform on stage and I was not sure about the results. What I can assure you is that there is a lot of work behind the scenes and I am very grateful for the audience and the feedback.

Will you manage to get some rest before the Perfectos Desconocidos Tour begins?

Yes, I have a little break in July. Even though I am going to take part in the break for some acting classes. I like to improve as much as I can.

What is it about Perfectos Desconocidos that has made this production such a success?

I guess it is about the importance of the mobile phone in our lives. We keep all our information on a device, therefore, sharing it can give us some trouble. It is a reflection on the dependence we have and the secrets we keep in it.

As an actress what does it mean to you when you see the words SOLD OUT on the shows posts?

It is very exciting! To see how the audience approves all the efforts and love we have put into our work. It is a huge satisfaction for all of us.

Ahead of a tour starting do you ever feel nervous or anxious or are you able to just go along with the flow?

Of course, I feel nervous sometimes. Above all when someone I admire or love comes to see us. The good thing is to learn to go beyond and keep going so even I feel nervous, I try to go along with the flow.

How did you get involved with this production?

I worked on another project with Daniel Guzman, the director. We knew each other working together. As soon as we knew each other a little bit, he thought I could perform Violeta. After several theatre's proposals, it is the first one I felt I really wanted to give a try. Because of the director as well as my colleagues.


"I was a very emotional child and it was the best way to direct my emotions towards something productive and could give/do something to/for others."

Can you tell me a little bit about your character, who did you go about bringing her to life?

Violeta is an innocent and sincere woman with transparent intentions. I went to the past and connected with the child I was. I think I had a lot of things in common with Violeta.

Does theatre, unlike film and tv, allow you to be more flexible with your characters and how you present them to your audience?

Theatre is a process more creative, long and constant. Theatre is alive! Every performance is different, I discover something new I can put in every day. The theatre is so beautiful!

What is it about the character that connected with you so much?

A strong commitment to love and friendship. Sincerity and honesty.

Have you always had a passion for acting?

I have been always passionate about acting. I was always involved in all the performances of my school. I was a very emotional child and it was the best way to direct my emotions towards something productive and could give/do something to/for others.

Has your approach to your work, characters and projects changed much since you started?

Without a doubt! My work has changed while growing up. Acting has taught me so much about myself. The most exciting thing is to play someone learning something and to learn something yourself.

Are there any characters or plays that you would like to play or be a part of?  

Currently, I think about I would love to be part of something like “This Is Us” or “The Handmaid’s Tale”. Also, I love period or sci-fi films!

Do you have any advice you would offer an aspiring actress?

I don’t usually give advice. But if I had to talk to the Elena I was at 14 years old, I would talk about being patient, wok hard every day and keeping believing. To not get an audition does not mean you are not talented. Wake up and get ready for the next one!

And finally, what do you hope your audiences will take away from seeing Perfectos Desconocidos?

I hope they have a great time and an interesting conversation about the play some time afterwards.

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