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SUNDANCE Film Festival | 2019 

Jacek Borcuch 




January 28th 15:30 - The Ray Theatre Park City

Maria Linde is a Jewish Nobel Prize winner. Her life follows the quiet rhythms of the Italian countryside, until her world and relationships begin to erode as she grows fond of a young immigrant, Nazeer.


Hi Jacek  This your third time at Sundance World Cinema Dramatic Competition, what does it mean to you to be back at Sundance with Dolce Fine Giornata? 


It's an amazing experience, one of a kind, I come back here as if I am visiting my family across the ocean. 


What was your first experience at Sundance like?


Sundance is the United States at its best, progressive, modern, independent, non-prudish. 


As this is your World Premiere do you have any nerves ahead of a festival?


I did my best to make this film as great as it could be, gave it 100% of my talent and sensitivity, therefore I'm not stressed. I'm happy and excited to share it w the audience. 


What was the biggest challenge you faced bringing Dolce Fine Giornata to life?


The challenge I feel is always in how to take the audience on a journey for nearly 2 hrs and make them experience something intense hopefully.


You have an amazing cast including the legendary Krystyna Janda as Maria Linde, how did you approach her to be in this film?


I wrote the script for Krystyna and with Krystyna in mind, the actress was interested and involved from the start which helped in the development process. 


What was the experience like working with such an icon of Polish cinema?


She is a legend, Wajda’s muse, she never performed in a movie if she didn't agree with its story or message, if she didn't agree as a human, as an artist, as a woman.  

"Passion and heart are most important."

Have you always been interested in filmmaking?


First, I played the piano and after music school, I played in a punk band. Later on, I wanted to sing in the opera or fly into space but threw those ideas away and studied philosophy instead. After I've put all my experiences together I started making films. Cinema is my love for life. 


As a filmmaker how important is the collaborative process for you? 


Obviously, this is teamwork. But you get that after some experiences. 


How much has your approach to your work changed since your debut film?


I was much more authoritarian working on my 1st films. Now I'm more patient and listening. I see great sense in it. 


Do you have any advice or tips for a fellow filmmaker?


Passion and heart are most important. If I was to recommend anything - read books. Non-stop. 


What are you currently working on?


I work on several projects, 2 feature films and one TV series. 


And finally, what do you hope people will take away from this film?

I hope everyone will take something else. This is a complex story about life and world we live in. 

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