68th Berlinale 2018 Round-Up
February 26th 2018 | Berlin

The 68th Berlinale is over. After seeing over 30+ films it is fair to say that the 2018 Berlinale has been an eye-opening experience that has offered some of the most incredible insight into the world of film and filmmaking. 


Berlinale is a special film festival because of the importance that they put in the public. Too many film festivals tend to put the public attendees at an unfair advantage by making it hard for them to get to see films during the film festival but the Berlinale makes sure that the film audience is diverse. 


One of the many highlights I had this year was walking past the huge queues of people waiting for the Box Offices to open and having conversations about the movies they hoped to see and what time they got up in the morning to get there. 


In creating this round-up it has been amazing to reflect on some of these films and seeing just how powerful they have been and how much they have remained with me after the screenings.

1. An Elephant Sitting Still 
by Hu Bo
1. An Elephant Sitting Still 
by Hu Bo
2. Das schweigende Klassenzimmer / The Silent Revolution 
by Lars Kraume
3. Dovlatov 
by Aleksei German jr.
4. Happy Prince
by Rupert Everett
5. Minatomachi 
by Kazuhiro Soda
6. Yardie 
by Idris Alba
7. Don’t Worry He Won’t Get Far on Foot  
by Gus van Sant
8. Utøya 22. juli  
by Erik Poppe
9. Las herederas / The Heiresses  
by Marcelo Martinessi
10. Generation Wealth  
by Lauren Greenfield

How would you describe Gagarin, mi mancherai in three words?

Sci-fi, Visionary, Poetic

Do you have any advice for any fellow directors?

I don't see myself at a stage in my career to be able to really advise anyone, I do believe, though, in looking for your true inner voice, and follow any advice Werner Herzog gives.

And finally, what do you hope people will take away from this film?

I hope for the audience to be hit by strong emotions and, after the credits roll, for them to keep on reflecting on the deeper meaning of what they saw.