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Wayne McGregor


12 – 13 March 2024

MARCH, 3, 2024 
(v95 and v96)

Heading to Sadler's Wells in March, coincidentally during renowned choreographer Wayne McGregor's birthday week, Wayne McGregor's Autography (v95 and v96). It's a piece that is utterly beguiling, breathtaking, awe-inspiring, and captures McGregor's stunning originality, and captivating uniquness.

"The texture of any given performance of the work thus replicates, to a degree, the texture of life itself, in which impressions of order and meaning are at moments detectable but, as the Bible has it, through a glass, darkly”."

LUKE JENNINGS, The Guardian (2017)


Company Wayne McGregor - Autobiography © Andrej Uspenski

Wayne McGregor on the weight of tradition that a lot of people put on ballet:

"I don’t worry about it. I think classical ballet is a contemporary art form, and we just describe it badly. We’re always talking about it in relation to its past, but I think that’s only exciting if you’re in dialogue and tension with it — not just repeating the past. I’ve been at Covent Garden for 10 years now, and you’d expect it to be extraordinarily conservative, but that is an organization of 300 people who are all super creative and want to be there. They want to be working with people who are alive, for a start!"

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