30th FID Marseille | 2019
Ted Fendt: "Intense. The main actor fasted for the whole shoot. We couldn’t stop him."

Classical Period | Dir. Ted Fendt | Compétition GNCR


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Ted Fendt alternates wide shots of the group in mid-discussion and close-ups of those speaking, listening or merely contemplating. As well as illustrating the pleasures of interpretative debate and literary and historical exploration, Classical Period also offers a lesson in attentive listening and paying attention to others. 

Hello Ted, many thanks for talking to TNC, how are you doing?


Are you looking forward to bringing Classical Period FID 2019?


Classical Period is in the GNCR Competition does this add any extra pressure on you?

That feeling of seven pink elephants walking over your loins on a Sunday afternoon.

What has the experience been like making this film?

Intense. The main actor fasted for the whole shoot. We couldn’t stop him.

Do you ever get nervous when you’re bringing a new film to a festival like FID?


Can you tell me a little bit about Classical Period what can we expect?

A river of speech. Best performances of the past few years. 

What was the inspiration behind this film?

Calvin Engime.

"Don’t do anything my mother wouldn’t do."

Have you been part of any book clubs in your past?


What was the most challenging part of bringing this film to life?

Battling rampant capitalistic scum who tried to derail us every chance they got.

How important is the collaborative nature in filmmaking for you?

There’s no I in team.

What has been the most important lesson you’ve taken after making Classical Period?

Go big or go home.

Do you have any advice for any emerging filmmaker?

Don’t do anything my mother wouldn’t do.

And finally, what do you hope people will take away from this film?

I don’t hope anything.