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Edinburgh Fringe 2022 

Captain Breadbeard's Bready 
VENUE 4 - C ARTS | C digital - portal / Aug 3-28, 12:45 Tickets
Venue 21 - 
C ARTS | C aquila - temple / Aug 3-28, 21:00 Tickets

Aug 2, 2022
Brilliant Comedy Cookbook
& An Idiom's Guide to the Galaxy

Captain Breadbeard's Bready Brilliant Comedy Cookbook: An absurd comedy sketch show about a sailor with a beard made of bread, and his sidekick, Davy Scones. Fast-paced bready-brilliant fun for adults and children of all ages! From son and father-in-law double act Dave Watt and Nick Surridge.

An Idiom's Guide to the Galaxy: Son and father-in-law duo, Dave Watt and Pretty Good Nick, invite you to jump on their absurd comedy bandwagon as they explore the world of idioms. A fast-paced, fact-filled, competitive sketch show that promises to be as funny as a barrel of monkeys.

Hi Dave, thank you for talking with The New Current, how have you been keeping?


Bready brilliant, thank you.


How does it feel to be bringing An Idiom's Guide to the Galaxy & Captain Breadbeard's Bready Brilliant Comedy Cookbook to C Venues this Summer?


Like a dog with two tails. We can’t wait to get our buns out and show the Fringe audiences what we’ve been cooking up.


Does it add extra pressure on you bringing two shows to the Fringe and are you looking forward to tackling the Royal Mile?


We’re eager beavers right now, but time will tell! We’ve put all our eggs in one basket, well two I suppose. Hopefully water off a duck’s back.


You have had an amazing response to your shows with one review saying “[Dave Watt and Nick Surridge] physicality, their engagement with the audience, and their commitment to fun and silliness make this show what it is, and I can’t imagine Captain Breadbeard working half as well without the dedication to pure entertainment they so clearly value here.”


What has it mean to you both this get this type of enthusiastic response to you shows?


We love it! We’re committed to having fun on stage and inviting our audiences to jump on our silly bandwagon.


What makes the Fringe so special?


A melting pot of creativity and theatre seekers looking to be entertained, inspired and moved. It’s the first thing in the diary every year.


Can you tell me a little bit about how An Idiom's Guide to the Galaxy & Captain Breadbeard's Bready Brilliant Comedy Cookbook came about, what was the inspiration behind these shows?


Breadbeard came first. Dave was at a networking event in Croatia and was approached by a woman who explained she had been trying to locate him, but did not know what he looked like. Someone had told the woman he was ‘the man with bread on his face,’ although he had a standard hairy beard at the time with not a crumb in sight. The bizarre  conversation inspired Dave so much that he collaborated with his father-in-law to create the production company and baked his way into a legacy.


When it comes to An Idiom’s Guide to Galaxy, we love language and finding the absurdity in everyday speech and so it became the natural follow on for our gluten free comedy offering to the world.


"Learning to discard the sketches and jokes that apparently only we love."

Due to the nature of your shows how much flexibility do you allow yourselves once a show is running?


The audience interaction within both shows means they always feel fresh out of the oven and keep us hot on our toes!


What have been some of the biggest challenges you faced bringing these shows to life?


Not putting on weight through eating the props and Brighton seagulls attacking my beard!    


What have been the most valuable lesson you’ve taken away from performing these shows?


People love the safe space to enjoy childish silly fun and reminds us to throw off the worries of the day and enjoy life.


How important is the creative collaboration between you both?


It’s crucial. It’s the spark that lights the fire, that cooks the buns (oh and the puns!)


Where did your passion for theatre and performing come from?


Even though we are of 2 different generations I would say Monty Python was an important part of both our journeys into a love of theatre and performing.


Since setting up Captain Breadbreard Productions how much has your approach to the theatre you create changed?

Learning to discard the sketches and jokes that apparently only we love. The audience is always right!


Do you have any advice, tips or suggestions you would offer anyone wanting to get into theatre?


Just do it. Find an open mic or open audience for a local theatre company and just give it a go!


And finally, what do you want your fringe audiences to take away from An Idiom's Guide to the Galaxy & Captain Breadbeard's Bready Brilliant Comedy Cookbook?


Hopefully a few of our songs will be ear-worms that leave the theatre with our audience, but most of all that they will have had fun!

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