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Creating The Future We Want 2022

Oriane Pick 
founder Candid Broads Productions
Anais Ferrato 
Assistant Producer at Candid Broads Productions

Tue, 1 February, 2022

19:00 – 22:30 (GMT)
creating the future we want: tickets

A celebration of female-led stories brought to life by up and coming production companies | created & run by independent female producers

Candid Broads was created to tell stories with a fresh perspective, bringing fierce and bold female characters to life, ensuring diverse representation is clear both in front and behind the camera.


Hey Oriane & Anais thanks for talking to The New Current, how have you been keeping during these very strange times?


Oriane & Anais: Thank you for chatting with us! It’s been surprisingly good thank you and I have to admit it has been really busy for us, which is exciting for Candid Broads. Obviously, it’s been a strange time launching our company during a pandemic, but we’ve found such incredible support within the industry, it’s been truly heartwarming!


Has this time at least offered you any new and creative opportunities?


Oriane & Anais: It definitely has! We shot 5 very unique short films this year (I AM, Smudged Smile, KOTTI, Poles and Satisfaction Guaranteed) which are currently in the festival circuit. We also have an incredibly busy slate for 2022 including feature films and a TV pilot, so we couldn’t be happier with what’s to come!


Congratulations on Creating The Future We Want event which comes to Gatsby's Mansion, how did this initiative come about?


Anais: Thank you so much! Oriane and I have been talking for months about organising an event celebrating and championing women and their work in the industry.

It is so important that we support each other and create a safe space to talk about our experience whilst also hopefully paving the way for future collaborations and we are so excited about it.  We then decided to join forces with the amazing Cat from Kusini Productions and Augusta Woods from Track Films. All of our companies were created around the same time so it was a perfect match. We also followed each other’s projects and although I never talked to them before I admired their work and what they want to achieve.


Oriane: We were so pleased to see that the event sold out very quickly which clearly shows that we need to be celebrating and championing independent work way more. We are already thinking of the next event which we cannot wait to organise in 2022, along with many other exciting things in the pipeline!


Creating The Future We Want and the support it is offering to The Page One Project is incredible but it seems that the burden to offer access and opportunities for filmmakers from disadvantaged/underrepresented backgrounds seems to fall on smaller independent filmmakers. What more can the established film industry in the UK do to change this? 


Oriane: Simply put, they need to make this a n1 rule. Our company’s mission is to have no less than a 50-50 split behind the camera, ensuring we have a better representation of female-identifying creatives on sets. This is a must for us and this goes across all disadvantaged /underrepresented backgrounds should be present on set behind and in front of the camera. For example, Actor and Activist Sarah Leigh just launched her own production company Inclusivity Films pushing for change & promoting inclusivity on & off screen (ensuring 50% of their cast and crew identify as disabled and/or neurodivergent). That’s incredibly exciting! 


Anais: As we all know accessible opportunities to upcoming filmmakers are still really limited. Although it is changing, it is still closed off and can be really discouraging for those who start.

I have been following The Page One Project for quite some time and I loved Laura’s ethos and what she wants to achieve. As companies which are now shaping independent filmmaking (hopefully), we need to ensure that those equal opportunities are given. We are trying to fight this by posting crew opportunities for future projects or partnering with the incredible Signature Pictures Academy on as many projects as we can.

What does it mean for you to be able to premiere I AM at the event and how did you get involved with this short film?


Anais: It means a lot and I am so proud of it as this film deserves to be seen. Oriane kindly offered me the opportunity to be the assistant producer and when she told me about the subject matter as I was straight away drawn to it. Schizophrenia is still heavily stigmatised today and misconceptions have an extremely negative impact on the community. With this film, we hope to spark a conversation and finally create a more truthful portrayal where people can now see a more human side to it and also relate to Gabi, beautifully played by Oriane

What was it about Rachel Mariam ’s screenplay that interested you as producers?


Oriane: Rachel and I had worked together in the past on a series we created together, called Call It a Day, and this time, I decided to approach her with this idea as I had been wanting to bring this specific story to life for a few years now. We then worked together on crafting a beautiful script and involved Ludovica Musumeci, our Director, into the process who had wonderful creative ideas for this story. It’s been a true collaborative process and just incredible to see my original idea come to life on a piece of paper thanks to those women!


What where the biggest challenges you faced making a short film like I AM?


Anais: I think we can agree that funding was an important one especially during covid, especially when it was the first short film produced by Candid Broads Productions but we managed to do it. We met incredible investors and are now supporting us for every project. 

The second one for me was to make sure we did the community’s justice so we decided to contact activists so as not to trigger anyone and ensure a truthful portrayal. 


Oriane: All of what Anais mentioned is true. I would add as well that, since I was playing the lead, on top of producing, it was incredibly draining having to deal with the pressure a producer always has on set, whilst getting ready for a very intense scene that required my full attention as an actor. I finished the shoot absolutely exhausted and it took me a few days to properly recover!  

How important is the relationship between producers and filmmakers during post and pre-production?


Anais & Oriane: It’s really important, especially in indie filmmaking as it is not as well paid and timings are tight. We like to think of them as family and make sure that they are looked after and that we listen to them because after all, the success of the film depends on every single person that puts their heart and soul into it. 


Have you always had a passion for filmmaking?


Anais: I have. I was always fascinated by the power of films, creating stories in a collaborative way and the impact it has on viewers. Growing up, I had some theatre classes. I then wanted to go to film school but I was always told it was not a real job so I pushed it to the back of my mind. When I moved to London, I decided to go to an acting class where I met Oriane and she gave me the confidence to go forward with what I actually wanted to do. That’s how my journey at Candid Broads started.


Oriane: Same as Anais. I was always passionate about filmmaking and acting. It’s crazy how going to the cinema can have an impact on your day and how you’re feeling! It just brings you to another world for a few hours, which is just incredible. I have been acting since I was little but for some reason, I removed myself from that world when I was 18 and only managed to go back to acting (and later on, producing) when I started a full time job in advertising at 24. I instantly realised that something was missing in my life, and although I was still in a creative industry, I knew it wasn’t the one which would make me fully happy in life. And I found my way back to it…!

"It is a very tough industry - the lows are hard to handle but the highs are absolutely incredible and make it all worth it!"


How much has your approach to your work changed since you started?


Oriane: It’s evolved quite a bit. We haven’t gone to film school so we’re constantly learning and challenging ourselves which we love. Every project, we’re pushing it to the next level and finding new challenges to overcome. That’s part of the reason why I love producing, is that no job is ever the same and there’s always something new to learn from. You’re never bored and constantly growing in your role!


What has been the best advice you have been given?

Anais: Don’t give up. Bumps on your journey are part of the learning and what makes you better at the end of the day. 

And I think an important one is to have fun and be true to yourself and your work. 


Oriane: I couldn't agree more with you! I would also say to never get disheartened. It is a very tough industry - the lows are hard to handle but the highs are absolutely incredible and make it all worth it! You will meet many people along the way who will tell you to dream smaller, just don’t listen, they’re simply too scared of taking that leap and your ambition and determination will prove them wrong and who knows, maybe make them open their eyes on everything they could also achieve if they just tried.


Are there any top producer tips you would offer any emerging filmmaker? 


Anais: There are loads but for someone who is just starting in the industry I would say to surround yourself with supportive people as the industry is tough and can challenge you in many ways. Reach out to people who inspire you and who you want to work with and learn from and finally don't take on a project just for the money but make sure you believe in the message you want to convey. 

And finally, what do you hope people will take away from Creating The Future We Want?


Anais & Oriane: Exactly what the title says, we hope that the screening and the panel will give people confidence to create their own space and inspire others to do the same. We want to empower and encourage them to bring their vision to life and hopefully discussions will pave the way for new and exciting collaborations. 

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