TNC Interview 2020
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We have all heard the adage 'a picture is worth a thousand words' but few times has this been as profoundly illustrated quite like the recent image of 3 friends from Dundalk Ireland. 

The picture, taken by Fra Lucchessi during the Black Lives Matter protest, of lifelong friends Kiitan Amao, Moyo Badun & Sean Hill standing side-by-side has captured the world since being shared by Amao alongside an image taken of the three in 2006. 

Now is the time to stand up and to do something, most of all it is time for us to listen.


Hi guys, thanks for talking to TNC, how is everything going?


Hi, thanks for talking to us. We are doing very good right now.

You recently took part in a BLM protest, what was the experience like for you and your friends?

The experience was incredible for all of us to be able to host a protest and get the crowd we did was amazing. We didn't realize how many people in our community have the same minds as us.


How long have you been friends?


We have been friends since we were 3 years old.

As athletes throughout your friendship have you had conversations about racism and do you think the BLM movement will now encourage more people to share their experiences?


We have had many conversations about it from all ages and personally we feel as though the movement will make a huge difference and hopefully it will manage to conquer racism altogether as at this stage it’s ridiculous people choose to be racists.

What made you want to go to the BLM protest in Dundalk?


So our friend Funto Joye texted into our group chat and asked if we wanted to host a protest and of course we all said yes which gave him the confidence to move further on with it, we managed to promote it very well within a day and we had a very successful protest thanks to everyone in Dundalk that came to it.


"...we think that just from always knowing we were there for each other was always a huge thing and to this day we get even more friendlier."

What do you think have been some of the lessons you've taken away from this experience?


We all feel that there’s a lot of lessons learned from this. We've learned good communication skills, improved our confidence and got an amazing reaction from a message we wanted to get across to everyone in our community.


Did you ever imagine that the picture taken at the protest in Dundalk would get so much global attention?


We really didn't! Kiitan had said he assumed it may get around 15 likes but then all of a sudden we saw it rise by thousands it was all so surreal but amazing. 

You guys clearly have an amazing friendship, Moyo has said you're '...brothers for life', what has been the secret to forging such an incredible bond?


We genuinely are like brothers throughout our lives we’ve had good days and bad days but most importantly we make each other laugh and smile every day we encounter, we all have such an amazing personality especially Moyo who could become a comedian in a day but we think that just from always knowing we were there for each other was always a huge thing and to this day we get even more friendlier.

Finally, what message do you hope people will take away from your image and story?


The message we hope people can get from the image is that racism isn’t born. It's taught and basically that just says for families to be careful how they raise their children to see everyone as equal because that is what we are EQUAL!