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"The pandemic has greatly influenced how we approach dating and relationships, and it has certainly affected the material in the show."

J Murphy
A Tinderella Story: Swipe, Wince, Repeat
Little Kirk, Grassmarket Community Project
3-10 August 2023 at 22:00 (1hr00)
July 25, 2023
Promotional Photo - A Tinderella Story - J Murphy - Photo Credit Lara Harb - DSC_1145.JPG

Acclaimed Canadian comedian J Murphy has been on some VERY strange dates. From everyday lies about age and marital status, to money laundering, crypto scams and an outrageous attempt to “blow her pants off with steak,” J’s experienced it all. A true, tongue-in-cheek TED talk on surviving (and even thriving in) the chaotic modern dating world. With a unique blend of wit and vulnerability, this is a comedic exploration of navigating the dating scene as a pansexual. If you’ve ever been on a bad date, this show will 'strike a chord' (The Toronto Star).

Hi J, thank you so much for talking to The New Current. How does it feel to be bringing A Tinderella Story: Swipe, Wince, Repeat to Edinburgh Fringe this August?


It's an incredibly thrilling and humbling feeling to be bringing "A Tinderella Story: Swipe, Wince, Repeat" to Edinburgh Fringe this August. I'm truly looking forward to sharing my stories, jokes, and perspectives with the audiences there.


How much has your experience in Toronto, particularly Toronto Fringe, helped prepare you for your run at Just the Tonic at the biggest Fringe festival in the world? (No pressure)


Being part of the Toronto Fringe was an invaluable experience, and I think it has helped prepare me for the unique intensity of the Edinburgh Fringe. It taught me how to build and shape a show, engage with diverse audiences, and adapt on the fly - all of which will be critical in Edinburgh.


As a comedian, and Canadian no less, what does it mean to be able to bring A Tinderella Story: Swipe, Wince, Repeat to Edinburgh, and what do you hope to take away from this experience?


As a Canadian comedian, it's a wonderful opportunity to bring a unique, North American perspective to the Edinburgh stage. I hope to absorb the culture and energy of the Fringe, learn from fellow performers, and connect with audiences from all over the world.


On your website there are quotes about your professionalism and being a top-selling performer, how much has getting this type of recognition for your work meant to you as a performer?


The recognition I've received has been a tremendous boost. It has reaffirmed my belief in my work and fuelled my desire to continue creating and performing. But more than the accolades, I value the connection with my audience - their laughter is the real reward.


Can you tell me a little bit about how A Tinderella Story: Swipe, Wince, Repeat came about, what inspired this new show?


"A Tinderella Story: Swipe, Wince, Repeat" was inspired by my own experiences and observations navigating the complex, entertaining, and sometimes hilarious world of online dating. The show seeks to highlight the quirks, trials, and triumphs of modern dating.


How much of your own life, experiences and knowledge found its way into your show, and how much did the pandemic (and 2+ years hunkered down) influenced peoples approach to dating and apps like Tinder?


The show is deeply rooted in my personal experiences. The pandemic has greatly influenced how we approach dating and relationships, and it has certainly affected the material in the show.


What are the biggest challenges you face creating this show?


The biggest challenges were creating a narrative that felt universally relatable, while maintaining the humour and levity, and weaving in the social commentary.


If you could describe A Tinderella Story: Swipe, Wince, Repeat in only THREE words what would they be?


Humorous, Relatable, Poignant.


What does A Tinderella Story: Swipe, Wince, Repeat say about you and the type of comedy you want to create and what have been the most valuable lessons you’ve take away from creating this show?


The show reflects my love for storytelling, observational humour, and exploring the human condition. The most valuable lesson I've taken away is the importance of authenticity and vulnerability in comedy.


With a show like A Tinderella Story: Swipe, Wince, Repeat are you able to give yourself much flexibility with your material once the show is running or do you prefer to stick to your text?


While the main structure of the show remains the same, I allow myself some flexibility to adapt to the audience's energy and reaction on a given day.


Have you always had a passion for comedy?


Yes, I've always been drawn to humour as a way of making sense of the world and connecting with people.


What was your first time like on stage, was the audience kind?


My first time on stage was terrifying but exhilarating. The audience was kind, laughter is infectious after all.


Has your approach to writing and performing your stand up changed a lot since your debut?


My approach has evolved significantly. I've learned to trust my instincts more, to push boundaries, and to be more open and personal in my material.

"Be authentic, trust your voice, learn from every performance, and most importantly, enjoy the process."

What makes Canadian humour so unique?


Canadian humour is understated, often self-deprecating, and typically laced with a sense of humility. We're not afraid to laugh at ourselves!


Do you have any advice, tips or suggestions you would offer anyone thinking about getting into comedy?


To anyone getting into comedy, I'd say - Be authentic, trust your voice, learn from every performance, and most importantly, enjoy the process.


And finally, what do you want your fringe audiences to take away from A Tinderella Story: Swipe, Wince, Repeat?


I want audiences to leave with a sense of connection, a lighter heart, and perhaps a slightly altered perspective on the wild world of dating in the digital age.

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